Psychotherapy is about connecting deeply on a personal level. I guide my clients through the process of overcoming difficulties. It’s an opportunity to develop oneself; to recognise and address various emotional, psychological or interpersonal problems.

I offer individual therapy, couples therapy and group therapy.

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The basis of therapeutic work that I propose is process-oriented psychology. 


Processwork deals with a very broad spectrum of human experiences. It is the practice of deliberately pursuing what is already there and encouraging what is just trying to exist within us and around our environment. Therefore, process-oriented psychotherapy is non-invasive, as it is not the therapist who decides what to change in the person with whom they are working. The job is to see the tendency to change that already exists within the client and help to make it even more real. The therapist is primarily interested in this experience.

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How do I help?

The course of therapeutic work is always very individual. Therapy can be short-term, focused on solving a specific problem. It can also be a long-term process, dedicated to personality development. I offer the following options:

Initial session

The first session aims to assess the direction of work and estimated duration of therapy. We will talk about your specific needs and goals for the treatment.

Duration and frequency of sessions

I usually see my clients once a week for 50 minutes. There is a possibility to meet more or less frequently than this, depending on their schedule and availability. We will discuss the frequency and duration of your sessions at the first consultation.


I also offer online therapy sessions over the Internet via Skype, Meeting or Zoom. These sessions can be conducted in English and Spanish, as well as in Polish.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to book a session or ask a question. I will be glad to answer it.