About me:

My professional background


  • MA in Psychology ( University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Warsaw).
  • Chartered and registered as a psychotherapist by Polish Psychotherapy Council and International Association of Process Oriented Psychology (IAPOP).


  • Psychotherapist in psychiatric institutions in Poland- IPIN, MORS.
  • Psychologist, crisis intervention- Fundacja Feminoteka.
  • Psychologist, conducting individual and group therapy for people in difficult social situations (immigrants, women experiencing domestic violence and young mothers)- (AESCO, Intress).

Nature connection

I continue on broadening my knowledge and skills by actively being involved in numerous international training programs. I regularly supervise my sessions with senior teachers in my field. 

Being outdoors and active are key ingredients of my practice, focusing on our relationships with nature to nourish our health and wellbeing. My approach is influenced and informed by ecological, narrative and somatic approaches and often includes sensory awareness and self-regulation practices. I’m a certified forest bathing guide and forest therapist (Forest Therapy Hub).

I believe in adhering to the strictest of ethical and professional standards for my profession in regards to privacy, confidentiality and competence.

I co-create an educational platform dedicated to EcopsychologyNaturally Balanced