Nature - based therapy

Nature-based Therapy is a form of experiential therapy that incorporates one’s relationship with the natural world into counselling interventions to enhance a client’s growth and development and strives towards the reciprocal healing of both humans and their larger ecological home.

Taking the practice outdoors

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While the scope of nature-based practices is widely varied, common elements include: mindfulness and sensory awareness practices, a focus on bonding and belonging, an experiential and process oriented approach, a focus on the body, restoration and regulation, and the incorporation of challenge or risky play if and when appropriate.
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How does natured-based therapy look like?

Nature-based therapy is a form of outdoor, walking psychotherapy. It usually is a forest or a blue area. I offer 2 types of nature therapy based on the interest of my clients (INDIVIDUAL or GROUP SESSIONS) and FOREST BATHING as a wellbeing activity.

nature-based therapy

The introductory session is a regular -indoor consultation that lasts 60 minutes. After that session we discuss the settings of the outdoor sessions individually (location, frequency, time etc).

Individual nature-based therapy session lasts 90 minutes.

nature-based therapy

Group therapy session consists of a maximum of 10 participants. It’s usually around 10 meetings. The meetings last 3 hours each. 

The next nature-based therapy group focused on anxiety issues starts on the 15th of April.


Applications are open until:
15th of April 2023
Location: Barcelona

Nature-based therapy group focused on anxiety issues.

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