What does individual therapy look like?

The therapist’s job is primarily to follow the process i.e. the customers’ experience. Individual therapy in practice involves: the use of conversation, exploration of body experiences, role-playing, development of imagery, and use of other creative methods.

Working with the process, we do not pay much attention to labels. Exceptional experience is much more interesting to us than a diagnosis.

People who may benefit from this therapy are:

– Those who have a lack of energy.
– Those looking for ways to deal with physical symptoms and would like to discover their psychological meaning.
– Someone experiencing a lack of acceptance from a loved one.
– Someone wanting to work on their addictions.
– Someone experiencing conflicts in personal and professional relationships.
– Someone searching for meaning in their life.
– Someone coping with an eating disorder.
– Someone struggling with difficult emotions and their mental state.
– Someone suffering from excessive stress.
– Someone having difficulty adapting to new role in life.
– Someone wanting to examine their dreams.
– Someone wanting to know and accept themselves.
– Someone feeling social pressure.
– Someone wanting to cope with the increased criticism of themselves or others.
– Someone wanting to start living up to their full potential by taking care of important areas of their life.
– Someone seeking answers in their private and professional life.

I conduct my sessions in English and Spanish, as well as in Polish.

At work I follow the Code of Ethics of the Polish Society of Psychotherapists of Process Psychology.


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