I invite you for psychological consultations and individual psychotherapy in Barcelona.

The price of the following sessions is set during the first meeting. I charge from 40 to 55 euros for each session for individual therapy. The price depends on your economic situation and is negotiable. I offer discounts for students and people in a difficult economic situation.

Therapy can be short-term, focused on solving a specific problem. It can also be a long-term process, dedicated to personality development. I offer the following options:

  • One or two consultation meetings.
  • Short-term therapy – up to a dozen meetings with focus on resolving a specific issue.
  • Long-term therapy – focused on deep work and self-development.

The direction of work and estimated duration of therapy is determined during the first meeting, considering the needs and capabilities of the client and the anticipated results.

If preferred, I also offer therapy sessions over the internet via Skype.
These sessions can be conducted in English and Spanish, as well as in Polish.


Write to me

Sylwia Kieszkowska

+34 622 090 522
+48 502 593 128