“The Greek word therapeia refers also to care. The root is dher, which means “carry, support, hold” and is related to dharma, the Sanskrit meaning “habit” and “custom” as “carrier”. The therapist is one who carries and takes care as does a servant (Greek = theraps, therapon). […]  By carrying, by paying careful attention to and devotedly caring for the psyche, the analyst translates into life the meaning of the word psychotherapy. The psychotherapist is literally the attendant of the soul.”

(Hillman,1996, str.132-133)

Psychotherapy is connecting on a deeply personal level with another person and guiding them through the process of overcoming particular difficulties. This practice also provides an opportunity to develop oneself; to recognise and address various emotional, psychological or interpersonal problems.

The basis of therapeutic work that I propose is process-oriented psychology. The course of therapeutic work is agreed on with the person applying for therapy. Process-oriented psychology does not determine what is ultimately good for the individual, couple, or group. It focuses more on the client’s response to the therapy, allowing the therapist to focus on the best course of action to take for each individual.


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