My approach

I am an English-speaking psychologist and psychotherapist.

Therapeutic work is a great passion and privilege for me. I strongly believe that going through psychotherapy can bring a positive, lasting change and improvement to people’s lives.

What I appreciate the most in the therapeutic practice is meeting with another person and keeping them company as they share their world. My relationships with clients are based on trust and partnership. It is important for me to respect the uniqueness of every experience and to believe in the wisdom of the process.

Working as a psychotherapist in different countries has allowed me to work with a great diversity of people, in different stages of life and presenting a variety of problems. By accompanying my clients on their journey of self-discovery, I have helped them to regain their confidence, become more aware of their feelings and overcome their obstacles in order to live a more balanced and integrated life.

My professional background

I have received my education from several professional, international organizations.

I’ve graduated as a psychologist from Warsaw University of Social Sciences and Humanities and I’ve been chartered and registered as a psychotherapist by Polish Psychotherapy Council and International Association of Process Oriented Psychology (IAPOP).

For the last several years, I have been working as a psychotherapist in psychiatric institutions in Poland (IPIN, MORS). I have also been collaborating with several NGOs in Poland (Fundacja Feminoteka) and Spain (AESCO, Intress), conducting individual and group therapy for people in difficult social situations – with immigrants, women experiencing domestic violence and young mothers.

I continue on broadening my knowledge and skills by actively being involved in numerous international training programs. I regularly supervise my sessions with senior teachers in my field.

I co-create the portal Naturally Balanced: https://naturallybalanced.org/

I believe in adhering to the strictest of ethical and professional standards for my profession in regards to privacy, confidentiality and competence.


Write to me

Sylwia Kieszkowska

+34 622 090 522
+48 502 593 128