Therapy can be an important part of every relationship. The purpose of this therapeutic process is to deepen the connection between partners and rediscover the feeling of intimacy, love and support.

Relationship counseling provides a safe space to talk about sensitive topics, analyze communication patterns and replace them with more effective ones. It helps to restore a better functioning and deal with any distress that is experienced between partners. During the sessions, we work together on problem-solving tools that help to rebuild emotional stability and mutual trust.

Couples come to therapy for any number of reasons. Some of them could be related to:

  • infidelity
  • sexual problems
  • money
  • going through major life changes
  • family relationships
  • psychological disorders influencing the relationship
  • a sensation of being stuck and stagnant in the relationship
  • frequent argues
  • different goals and values
  • controlling or abusive behavior
  • commitment difficulties
  • anger